Taking Care of Your Home

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Taking care of your home may sound like a daunting task but these tips and tricks will be sure to help you take care of your home and leaving you feeling more knowledgeable about home care!

General House repairs:
Leaving small house repairs to the last minute usually means they wont get done. Start out fixing all the smaller repairs and work your way up to larger things that may need repaired. Doing these repairs yourself will save a lot more money than hiring someone else to do it!

Maintain Drainage System:Regular Cleaning:
Regularly cleaning your house each week is a must. Dust and dirt can build up fast especially if you have pets or children! You can keep a schedule or plan days, set reminders for when you are going to clean so you won’t forget to do it!

Replacing things such as, light bulbs, filters and batteries in smoke detectors.
Replacing smoke detector batteries in a very important. It is also good to replace light bulbs to energy efficient ones and replacing any other types of batteries etc.

Keeping Your Yard Clean and Tidy.
You want your garden and the outside of your house to look presentable and tidy a few things to keep in mind are: keeping the grass cut, cover any soil to prevent erosion, maintain a proper slope away from your home to ensure that you have good drainage. Having a garden is always a plus for beautification!

Take pride in your home, keep it clean and tidy you never know who is going to show up at your house! Devoting time and attention to a home is important to a healthy home!